The KYTE concept was born from a desire to be different. Different from the big city, private equity backed brands that now dominate the current landscape.

Different through design and product innovations, collaborations and product collections that will help define cycling in a different context.

Born of frustration during lockdown when solo rides and turbo sessions helped us to count down the days we could ride together as friends.

 We took inspiration from both the beauty and brutality of our home roads and from other independent thinking brands in Scandinavia and Australia to develop cycling kit that will stand out from the crowd.

The KYTE vision is to combine technical fabrics with bold aesthetics to create cycling apparel that elevates your enjoyment on every ride.

 KYTE aims to honour the great traditions of cycling in Yorkshire, but with a bold and confident vision of the future that challenges the status quo and builds a community of like-minded individuals in the process.

Above everything – KYTE believes in the power of cycling. The transformative benefit for both our physical and mental health. The freedom, escapism and adventure it gives. The friendships, memories and passion it leaves behind.

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